Monday, November 26, 2012

knowledge or ignorance

This phrase is one that I keep moving through my thoughts wondering my side of the argument.  At first glance I agree, but when it comes to definitive words...I begin to consider all the exceptions to the statement.  

Even if someone should choose to never further their self growth in spirit or mind, even if they never consider their life with meaning...isn't it still a life worth living?

Although I can understand where Socrates is coming from with this statement, it seems to me that each and every life is a gift worth living even when it doesn't shine at its full potential.

Monday, November 19, 2012


The beauty of nature is such a great teacher of life.  It is a great reflection for us to look into and gain a better understanding of how we are so connected within our mind, body and spirit.  Each one reflecting in the next. 

With gratitude of the world around me

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Top 10 favorite shows I found on Netflix

This post is a little out of the norm but I thought it would be fun to do a little something different at the risk of looking like I watch a TON of TV :-) 

I'm sure there are others like me that love to have a great show to watch every once in awhile just to take a break.  These are my finds from the watch instant list on Netflix that I have really loved.  

Here are my top 10 favorites (that I can think of now) in no particular order. 
  1. Bones - Seeley Booth and Brennan were a favorite of mine all the way until I ran out of seasons to watch on Netflix.  I even really enjoyed the novels from Kathy Reichs. The show is still running but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch anymore on the FOX channel since I was pretty happy to leave Booth and Brennan as a couple :-)
  2. Warehouse 13 - OK, you are going to see from this list that I do love the out of the ordinary shows.  This show is on the Syfy channel and about two secret service agents recruited to help locate mysterious artifacts with mystical powers and store them safety. Funny and fun and I really like how they took historical events and used them in the stories.
  3. Greek - This show was just one that I just had to keep watching.  Juvenile but addicting!  Basically it is about the greek system and the stories of the lives of great friends and fraternity house wars. I am still not sure if I entirely agree with Cassie's choice in the end but...anyways.
  4. Slings and Arrows -  This is one that I will love love love for always.  It was only three seasons long and finished leaving us all wishing for more.  With Shakespeare as a background theme, it is about theater life and all the craziness that comes with it.  Of course it doesn't help that the main character (played by Paul Gross) can see and hear his dead friend too!
  5. Drop Dead Diva - Ok, I only watched a couple of seasons of this show but I really enjoyed what I did see.  I know it is still going but I haven't really felt like picking it back up again.
  6. Sanctuary - This is another Syfy show about abnormals and the Sanctuary is an organization that helps them and deals with all the mayhem that arises from well, a planet that has abnormals.
  7. Burn Notice - Yep, I wish I had a Michael Weston, Chuck Finnely and Fiona in our life, how handy would that be?!  A great saga of a burned spy who takes on all sorts of crazy missions to help out people in trouble.  
  8. Lie to Me - I didn't watch very many of this series but I loved the great info on reading people's facial expressions.  It is one I may come back to sometime.
  9. Once Upon A Time - This is a new show on ABC and I was and am hooked.  I love a twisted fairy tale story and if I could get the episodes to play better off of ABC online, I would gladly put up with the commercials to watch season two.
  10. Alphas - This is the latest show I have watched and I have only been able to see season one but WOW! This show is fabulous!  This is another Syfy show with great characters and a story line that makes me want to watch more.  Good enough that I don't want to miss the first five episodes of the second season (because not all episodes are available to watch online for season 2) so I'll just wait.  

OK, so what are yours?  I would love to hear what your favorite shows are.  Share your suggestions in the comments below.  

Enjoy your mind breaks and happy watching :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday #6

Kicking into high gear as we begin to roll into the ride we call the last part of the year!  Yep, breathing is about as far as I got this week with all the amazing creative projects we are doing.  What keeps you going?



Saturday, October 13, 2012

A business meeting with myself

I woke up today feeling like I needed a consultation meeting with myself.  After a couple of weeks fully focused on some investment projects, I found myself wondering where I even was in regard to the rest of my business endeavors.  I was in serious need of a sit down with myself!

The other board members at
the meeting today  aka-"the girls"
I guess you could say I was re-evaluating my goals and direction.  And as much as I love creativity in ideas and unlimited possibilities, the truth is that a solid foundation is necessary.  I tend to get a little overwhelmed if I all of a sudden change the direction of my platform too much.  Mainly because that means a lot of redesign!

But the truth is that we are always growing, changing and evolving based on our life experiences and learning in life.  Learning new skills can take us in whole new directions in our focus.  And at the same time there are things that still remain the same.

So I sat myself down and ran myself through the same questions that I would with someone that I am assisting in organizing their own business and presence physically and on the internet.

And I even added a couple new questions that I think would be great to integrate in the future.  The first one was remembering as a kid....what was it that I wanted to do or be.  (Now we all can probably remember a whole sting of changing a bunch, but the main one that really sticks out)  I was pretty open ended on my childhood dream for myself.  My goals was to get paid to travel...I didn't care how or what I was doing....I just wanted to travel!  And I can say I have done a fair bit of traveling but I still haven't gotten paid for any of it!   

This is still something that I want except now I have a very clear picture of how I will get paid.

Secondly was asking what my life purpose is.  This is something that we either just know or we learn to discover through hypnosis, readings or Life Between Life sessions.    So I added this aspect to my foundation.

I have to admit, as I went through the next steps from here, I kept hearing this voice in my head making up all sorts of complaints..."this is going to take so much work!"  and  "How am I going to find the time to get all of this done."    And as much as I wanted to tell the voice to just go away...I knew it was addressing a side of my that could cause problems later.  So instead I took the time to reset the images of the change in my mind into increments and tangible accomplishments.  Whew! 

But the main three questions I asked myself where:

  1. What is it that I want to offer?  That I enjoy and am passionate about...
  2. Who specifically is it that I choose to offer these things too?
  3.  And how will these people navigate through what I have to offer and what am happy to offer them in support? 
Luckily most things were pretty much on track with what I already had going and only a few little adjustments in the "how" aspect.  With each question I really took the time to walk through in my minds eye all the little details and then write them down.   This is how I basically got my "to do" list for myself!

Maybe it is a good idea, self employed or not, to have an evaluation meeting every once in awhile!



Saturday, October 6, 2012

From under a pile of papers

My first thought is to apologize for being a bit behind on my posts.   But the reality is there really is no need to do that.  Really it is just my own trip for wanting to be on top of what I initially agreed to do.  An agreement mind you that I made with myself!   Now that I think about it, this might be a private conversation that I need to hold in my head!  

But despite the multiple projects that I am attempting to wrap up all at one time, I have had a few thoughts that have been bouncing around in my mind that have nothing to do with what I am supposed to be doing!

The other day I was talking with someone who was going on about their personal life tragedies and coloring it all with their personal take of the story.  In short, all the stuff that was going on in their life was a personal attack on them.  These are those situations where I'm sitting there listening to them and thinking in my head, "how is it again that you are certain the gas prices are a sign of some plan of attack on you?"  Because as far as I'm concerned, if it is all your problem, then own it so I don't have to pay these gas prices anymore! 

But I have to admit.  I am a fan of the word synchronicity   I get into those woo woo moments were things feel like they are all lined up just right and I feel there are signs that I am on the right track.  But even in these moments, I know it is just what I am being aware of and what I am choosing to see.   But it is funny how when you start to be aware of something, then you start to see it everywhere.  Kind of like my cool car when I bought it.  I was sure I had one of the only ones on the island when I bought it because I had never seen any around.  And now I swear they just popped up like mushrooms overnight because they are everywhere!   

Our mind is pretty amazing.  But we can only process so many things in our conscious mind at one time.  Because of this we have some pretty heavy duty filters that help us determine what is important for us to focus on and remember, and what can just move straight into storage in the subconscious.  (because it records everything!)

With all incoming information, we delete, distort and generalize based on our beliefs and what we are interested in.   With generalizations we just automatically assume stuff like "all dogs bite"  or whatever other personal misconceptions we blanket on the whole of a person place or thing. 

Deletion is basically the idea that we will delete information of things going on around us that we are not interested in.  Like when you are driving, you can pass a whole string of cars and then think back and not remember any details about them.  Or walk through a crowd and only remember details of one or two people.  That is unless you are a super spy and then well, of course you remember everything down to the types of shoes they are wearing!  

But the main one that stands out for me every time I hear someone tell me they are sure all crappy things that happened in their day were specifically calculated to ruin their life, is Distortion.  We hear what we want to hear, we perceive things the way we want to.  Everything that happens for us is a reflection of our internal belief system and not the actual reality around us.  We look for and pay attention to the things that support our beliefs!
Sure we always hear how important our thought our and our thoughts create our reality.  Sometimes it becomes so cliche that we over think what it even means.  But to focus on what we do what is the simplest secret of successful people out there.    

I loved how this was put to support that thought.  Imagine that you do NOT want chocolate anymore.  Now our mind is a lot like a search engine.  The way it takes orders is actually pretty simple. The thing to remember is it doesn't work in negatives.  So here you are not wanting chocolate.  Well if you were to type in a search engine "I don't want chocolate" are actually going to get lots of pages of links and images about chocolate!

As for my own personal brain search engine....let's see I could use... "I love completing projects"!    Ok...better get back to it!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday #5

Appreciating the person in the mirror

even when things start to seem a little crazy!

Love to hear your tips for keeping positive.