Saturday, October 13, 2012

A business meeting with myself

I woke up today feeling like I needed a consultation meeting with myself.  After a couple of weeks fully focused on some investment projects, I found myself wondering where I even was in regard to the rest of my business endeavors.  I was in serious need of a sit down with myself!

The other board members at
the meeting today  aka-"the girls"
I guess you could say I was re-evaluating my goals and direction.  And as much as I love creativity in ideas and unlimited possibilities, the truth is that a solid foundation is necessary.  I tend to get a little overwhelmed if I all of a sudden change the direction of my platform too much.  Mainly because that means a lot of redesign!

But the truth is that we are always growing, changing and evolving based on our life experiences and learning in life.  Learning new skills can take us in whole new directions in our focus.  And at the same time there are things that still remain the same.

So I sat myself down and ran myself through the same questions that I would with someone that I am assisting in organizing their own business and presence physically and on the internet.

And I even added a couple new questions that I think would be great to integrate in the future.  The first one was remembering as a kid....what was it that I wanted to do or be.  (Now we all can probably remember a whole sting of changing a bunch, but the main one that really sticks out)  I was pretty open ended on my childhood dream for myself.  My goals was to get paid to travel...I didn't care how or what I was doing....I just wanted to travel!  And I can say I have done a fair bit of traveling but I still haven't gotten paid for any of it!   

This is still something that I want except now I have a very clear picture of how I will get paid.

Secondly was asking what my life purpose is.  This is something that we either just know or we learn to discover through hypnosis, readings or Life Between Life sessions.    So I added this aspect to my foundation.

I have to admit, as I went through the next steps from here, I kept hearing this voice in my head making up all sorts of complaints..."this is going to take so much work!"  and  "How am I going to find the time to get all of this done."    And as much as I wanted to tell the voice to just go away...I knew it was addressing a side of my that could cause problems later.  So instead I took the time to reset the images of the change in my mind into increments and tangible accomplishments.  Whew! 

But the main three questions I asked myself where:

  1. What is it that I want to offer?  That I enjoy and am passionate about...
  2. Who specifically is it that I choose to offer these things too?
  3.  And how will these people navigate through what I have to offer and what am happy to offer them in support? 
Luckily most things were pretty much on track with what I already had going and only a few little adjustments in the "how" aspect.  With each question I really took the time to walk through in my minds eye all the little details and then write them down.   This is how I basically got my "to do" list for myself!

Maybe it is a good idea, self employed or not, to have an evaluation meeting every once in awhile!




  1. Hi Becca,

    I never thought about having a meeting with myself. I think that is an awesome idea. I am been stuck a little over the last couple of weeks so this is an aswesome idea. Thank you. I love reading your blog, the information is always great.

  2. @Cynthia I would love to hear how your meeting goes! I got so much refocus from that little "meeting" I had so it would be great to see how it works for you. :-) Thanks for sharing!